Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Bring it on!

Ready or not the new year is here. Hope it finds all my family and friends well and happy.

Several months ago I became a Pamper Chef Consultant (love the products, have for years) to maybe bring in a little extra income. Unfortunitally between my regular job at Michaels Arts and Crafts, The Pampered Chef Consultant gig my Doublemuse business got a little lost. So it's decision time somethings gotta go. I really just spread myself too thin. So I decided that Michaels had to stay. Making pottery is my real love so I just cannot give that up. So I think the Pampered Chef might have to go. Unless I can sell enough through my website.

I can now return to my pottery (and jewelry making). I am thinking about wall pockets. They seem to be pretty popular now for putting flowers or greenary in. Also I have been wanting to make ceramic pendants. I have several designs in mind that I really would like to try.

For me this weekend will be a pottery making weekend.
My muses are calling me. Good night all!

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!