Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Putting yourself out there.

Read this blog and had to share it. Definitely worth the read. I know most of us had the same thoughts about getting our artwork out there.

Putting Yourself Out There

I was a production/directing theatre major and as part of my education, I had to go out on stage. One time I was sent out in a full beard as Polonius in Hamlet, but that’s a story for another time. I hated being on stage, because like 90% of the population, I had stage fright. What if the audience thought I wasn’t good enough or I forgot my lines? I much preferred being behind the scenes doing everything from props to directing. Of course, deep down, I hoped that someone would “discover” me. But how could they? I was not stepping into the spotlight to be seen.

I guess wearing the beard on stage did change my perspective, because after you’ve done that – you can pretty much do anything. Somewhere along the line I realized that in order to be discovered I had to step out from behind the curtain. I also learned that it was easier to be me “on stage” then to try to be a character. Please note the word, be. Like, “to be or not to be, that is the question …”.

Hiding behind the curtain or keeping your art stored away for someday when you are “discovered” does not serve you. You have to get not only your work, but also yourself out there to sell your work. If a potential customer knows you, they are more likely to buy from you.

I can hear the excuses (see below). I’ve made the excuses, too. However, if you want to “be” a successful artist, you have to stop making excuses.

  • My art isn’t good enough! It’s art and with it comes art critics. Some people are going to love it, some are going to not be interested in it, and in some cases, some people will hate it. Get over it. People are entitled to their opinions and for every one person who has something negative to say, there will be 9 people who have something nice to say and some who will even buy your art.
  • I don’t have enough inventory. Less is sometimes more. I always think I won’t have enough to fill a space and I have more than I can use. Remember this is about stepping out onto stage, not necessarily about selling something (although it would be nice). You cannot be discovered if you are in your studio full time.
  • It’s too much work to sell. Yeah, it can be work; however, it can also be fun – if you let it. Talk to your potential customers; find out what they are shopping for. Maybe it is something you left back in your studio and you can meet their needs. Or maybe you’ll get a commission.

If you are already doing arts & crafts shows or your work is in galleries, look for other opportunities to display your art work. What local businesses in your area have shelf or wall space that you could fill? The more your potential customers see of your work, the more likely they will buy from you.

Get online; at minimum have a store front to send people to. Etsy.com or other targeted gallery sites like PotteryDaily.com are a low cost way for customers to reach you.

It’s time to turn the spotlight on and step out onto the stage . . . remember that you will not be discovered waiting in the wings.

© 2010 Heather C. Morrow. All rights reserved

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall into a new season

While the calendar still says summer the last couple of days say "falls a comin". I must admit I love the fall. The cool crisp air, the change of colors on the trees, having to wear a nice soft comfy sweatshirt. But with the fall comes the holidays and the big push to get products in our shops that say "It's the holidays!! Buy me." I hate the holidays! No that's not right, I love the holidays. I hate the stress of the holidays. So much to do so little time. Trying to figure out what my customers will want to buy. This year I'm going to do this a little differently. All my family and friends tell me just to make the things I love to make. Don"t try to figure out what the world wants. I love making pottery. I love the feel of the clay and that moment when it's the clay that tells me what it wants to be. There is a zen moment that happens to me sometimes when I'm working on a piece. It's the quite that I don't notice until a couple of hours have past and I realize that I have worked on a piece for this long and it is just right. Not sure how it got that way, but it did. And I am happy. So this holiday season I will be making things I like for my customers to enjoy and hopefully want to own.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Treasures in Blue Etsy Treasury

Just found out we were included in this treasury on etsy. Want to say thank you to CatKeeper from Nothern Sea Glass for including the Starry Night Cityscape plates in this lovely treasury. Stop by and visit her shop she makes beautiful jewelry from sea glass.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Teddy Bear Art & Craft Festival

Well things went pretty well at the Teddy Bear festival. Except for having to shut down a little early because of Tornado warnings in Litchfield County. Sales were a little low but I think it was the type of festival. Geared more toward doing things for the kids. (i.e. face painting, sand art, teddy bear parade, etc, etc, etc) Sometimes you just don't know what to expect from an arts & crafts fair. Will I do this festival again next year? I'll have to think about it when the time comes.
I was approched by a woman who is in charge of an Art Faire in Litchfield (yes the same litchfield with the tornado warnings) she asked if I was available to do their Faire. Told her I definetaly would. I haven't done an arts & crafts show there but I know it's a more artsy community, so hopefully I will do well there.

Father's Day weekend Linda and I will be at the Monroe Congregational Church Strawberry Festival in Monreo, CT. This is our first 2 day show! Kinda excited. We've done shows in Monroe before and have always done well. We'll see, I will keep you posted.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It is such a perfect day today I wish I could just take my wheel and clay outside. I think my perfect studio would be open and with lots of windows to let the light just shine in. To be able to throw and still feel like I was outside would be a dream come true.

There is something about a day like today that just makes me more creative. Me and the dogs, Mia and Tagen hang together in my studio (aka the basement) as i throw or do my slab rolling. Oh I can't forget Misty, one of the cats. She has a thing for my sponges. Don't know why but she is always stealing them and bringing them upstairs. There is also Morrison, another cat, but he doesn't come downstairs because Misty won't let him. I guess she wears the pants in the family.

So as I sit here typing this blog I'm really thinking I should go out onto my deck and just do some sketching of pottery I will create in the future.

Yep that's what I'm gonna do. You all have a great day.
Talk to you soon.
Rosalia, Mia, Tagen, Misty. And Mo

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to get back on track.

I'm finally taking the time to sit and check out all the blogs I haven't been able to catch up on. Then realized just how long it's been since I blogged anything.
I think I could use some advise on how to take the time to stop and blog. I love the idea. Social networking is awsome. I know I have to put in the time but I just haven't found that perfect time to do it.

So my question is: When do you blog? In the morning? I go to work at 7 am. Afterwork? Laundry, vacuum, dust, cook dinner. Not working for me. After dinner? I've been up since 6 am. My brain is fried.

Do you set a time to do your craft, whatever it is you need a block of time to do it. I do find time for that. I love making pottery. Creating something from a lump of mud, then firing it. The best part is that moment I open my kiln after a glaze firing. It's like Christmas.

Anyway any ideas about time management? I could use some advise.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well I've spent the last few days networking with many other artists who have shops on etsy, twittering, Facebooking, Blogging. I have almost 50 fans on my Facebook fan page. Thank you everyone. I am hoping to get many more. I am really impressed with the number of fans many of my fellow etsyians have. Staying hopefull that many fans equal many sales. I have come across so many talented artists it it truly overwhelming.

I will pick and choose those artisians that I especially like and share them with my friends, family and customers. Hopefully they will do the same.

I know the networking end of things is so important and yet it is my least favorite process. I love being in the studio and just creating. I know if you don't network no one will know who you are and no one will find you and then you have no sales. Grrrrrr!

I am going to set up a shop with Art Fire and a couple of friends said I should give e-bay a try.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Well my muse is calling me. I think she wants me to stop sitting at the computer and start glazing the pieces I made the other day.

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day.
Testing to see if I can post from my phone

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Throwing clay on a snow day.

Well it's been snowing all day. Didn't get as much as the weatherman expected but it was enough to shut down the town.

So I spent the day down in my studio throwing clay. Came up with a couple of items that have potential. I find when I've been away from the clay for awhile my muses get a little quiet. Had a hard time getting started and deciding just what to do. When I get stuck like that i start to look through old magazines, art books even catalogs to get me inspired. Once i get past the artistic block then throwing or even the slap work comes flowing.

I guess sometimes it's just a matter of doing it. Even if I don't like what I'm creating it's ok. Somehow when I get passed the "what the heck did I make" to "ok not so bad" I am satisfied.

It's just a matter of taking that first step. That first handful of clay or those beads and findings and just letting it decide what it wants to become. Most of the time I'm happy. And on those times I'm not....well there's alway tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sheffield Pottery road trip

Linda and I went up to Sheffield Pottery yesterday. (Linda and I have been friends since high school. Our kids practically grew up together. She makes pottery also as well as all the crocheted items in our shop. But just like me pottery is her first love.) Picked up some fresh clay and some new glazes. This is definetally my favorite road trip. We get so much inspiration when we go. They sell alot of pottery made by many of their customers. I wind up just browsing and getting some good (i hope) ideas. Sometimes you need to really take a look around you to see the things that can get your creative juices rolling. Granted I do have my muses but sometimes they slack off.

I have been wanting to make some ceramic pendants for awhile now. So I picked up some new glazes that I think will look really cool. I will post them asap.

I've been trying to really promote Doublemuse now that 2010 has started. I hope with the help of all my friends, fans and family this will be a good year for my business.