Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to get back on track.

I'm finally taking the time to sit and check out all the blogs I haven't been able to catch up on. Then realized just how long it's been since I blogged anything.
I think I could use some advise on how to take the time to stop and blog. I love the idea. Social networking is awsome. I know I have to put in the time but I just haven't found that perfect time to do it.

So my question is: When do you blog? In the morning? I go to work at 7 am. Afterwork? Laundry, vacuum, dust, cook dinner. Not working for me. After dinner? I've been up since 6 am. My brain is fried.

Do you set a time to do your craft, whatever it is you need a block of time to do it. I do find time for that. I love making pottery. Creating something from a lump of mud, then firing it. The best part is that moment I open my kiln after a glaze firing. It's like Christmas.

Anyway any ideas about time management? I could use some advise.

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