Friday, May 21, 2010

It is such a perfect day today I wish I could just take my wheel and clay outside. I think my perfect studio would be open and with lots of windows to let the light just shine in. To be able to throw and still feel like I was outside would be a dream come true.

There is something about a day like today that just makes me more creative. Me and the dogs, Mia and Tagen hang together in my studio (aka the basement) as i throw or do my slab rolling. Oh I can't forget Misty, one of the cats. She has a thing for my sponges. Don't know why but she is always stealing them and bringing them upstairs. There is also Morrison, another cat, but he doesn't come downstairs because Misty won't let him. I guess she wears the pants in the family.

So as I sit here typing this blog I'm really thinking I should go out onto my deck and just do some sketching of pottery I will create in the future.

Yep that's what I'm gonna do. You all have a great day.
Talk to you soon.
Rosalia, Mia, Tagen, Misty. And Mo

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Small Footprints said...

What a lovely post ... I can sense the peace of that day. I love that your "critters" accompany you to your studio ... and that Misty helps herself to your sponges. I wonder what the attraction is. :)

I'm off to visit your Etsy shop ... the pieces in the widget on your sidebar are just beautiful. I adore pottery & clay ... I think it's the link to the earth that fascinates me. Touching pottery gives me the same sense as grabbing a handful of dirt ... it's wonderful!

Have a great day!