Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Blue Burgundy Treasury

Two treasuries today. Wow!

Teaching Jewelry Making Classes

Besides my regular job and making jewelry and pottery I am now a jewelry making instructor. I will be teaching the fundamentals of jewelry making. Crimping, stringing, wire wrapping, wire crochet, knotting, etc. I've had a couple of classes so far and they have been a blast. One thing I have found is that I never get tired of learning and sharing new techniques or new methods of creating. I find myself learning from my students while they learn from me. Creativity truly is a facinating and wonderful thing.
There was a quote I learned years ago, not sure who it was but it said "Everyone is my superior in that I can learn from them" I believe this. If you give any opportunity a chance you can learn from it and from the people you are involved with. And probably make some great friends along the way.

Passionate Pink Treasury

I was so pleased to be included in this Passionate Pink treasury courtesy of on fire for handmade by misspercillapomeroy. So many pretty pink items. Check out all the wonderful artists that were also included.