Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sheffield Pottery road trip

Linda and I went up to Sheffield Pottery yesterday. (Linda and I have been friends since high school. Our kids practically grew up together. She makes pottery also as well as all the crocheted items in our shop. But just like me pottery is her first love.) Picked up some fresh clay and some new glazes. This is definetally my favorite road trip. We get so much inspiration when we go. They sell alot of pottery made by many of their customers. I wind up just browsing and getting some good (i hope) ideas. Sometimes you need to really take a look around you to see the things that can get your creative juices rolling. Granted I do have my muses but sometimes they slack off.

I have been wanting to make some ceramic pendants for awhile now. So I picked up some new glazes that I think will look really cool. I will post them asap.

I've been trying to really promote Doublemuse now that 2010 has started. I hope with the help of all my friends, fans and family this will be a good year for my business.

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