Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Throwing clay on a snow day.

Well it's been snowing all day. Didn't get as much as the weatherman expected but it was enough to shut down the town.

So I spent the day down in my studio throwing clay. Came up with a couple of items that have potential. I find when I've been away from the clay for awhile my muses get a little quiet. Had a hard time getting started and deciding just what to do. When I get stuck like that i start to look through old magazines, art books even catalogs to get me inspired. Once i get past the artistic block then throwing or even the slap work comes flowing.

I guess sometimes it's just a matter of doing it. Even if I don't like what I'm creating it's ok. Somehow when I get passed the "what the heck did I make" to "ok not so bad" I am satisfied.

It's just a matter of taking that first step. That first handful of clay or those beads and findings and just letting it decide what it wants to become. Most of the time I'm happy. And on those times I'm not....well there's alway tomorrow.

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