Monday, June 13, 2011

Exploding Pots

I have been throwing pottery for some time now. Always real careful how I handle my new creations. In the back of my mind thinking about the possibility of loosing a pot or two in my kiln because of and air bubble or maybe the inside of the pot was not quite dry yet. Whatever the reason this happens it does happen. But not to me. Not in all these years. I considered myself really lucky. Until now. Yep folks. Until now.

I had a custom order from a lady in Brooklyn. She ordered 10 bowls. She needed them real soon. So did I rush the pots into the kiln. I didn't think so. Was there an air bubble in my pots. Don't think so. Was the pottery not totally dry. Didn't think so. But alas something went horribly wrong.

Just as I entered into where my kiln was running I heard the sound no potter EVER wants to hear. Pop, Pop, Pop. Kilns too hot to open. So I waited. Knowing with dread what happened to the Brooklyn lady's bowls.

So the next day I opened the kiln. Yep! Done. It seems two bowls exploded and took out 3 others. There really are no words for what I was feeling at that moment in time. I just stared into my kiln, not really sure how long I stood there. My husband saw me staring into my kiln and came over, looked into the kiln. His words were "what are you gonna do?". I looked at my husband of over 30 years and for the first time I had nothing to say.

There was no saving these pots. So I e-mailed the lady in Brooklyn and explained what happened. She was VERY understanding. Thank God! It was too late to make her the bowls she needed. Two of the bowls were for a couple of friends with special sayings in them. They were ok. So those she can have. The 8 others bowls she needed were custom bowls she needed for family members. Since I lost 5 bowls I was heartbroken that she could not take the surviving 3.

At the end of the day She was very nice and said that she understands the nature of my profession. Some things are just out of my hands. She is still very happy with me and will order from me again. Thank the Pottery Gods!!!

Since I'm sure none of you have seen a kiln full of exploded pottery here's a picture. It ain't pretty.

Well tomorrow is another day. Me and my muses are tired and still in a little shock. But we will be fine and start again tomorrow. I really do love to play in mud.

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