Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Well life just got in the way didn't it!

Well I'm really not sure where all the time went. One day I start a blog then I blinked and it's 3 years later. Well 3 years in a nutshell. When I first started this blog I was retired....Now I'm not. That's OK. I work for Michaels Arts & Crafts so I am in my creative element working with some really cool people. My husband fell ill. But he's fine now. Two of my 3 daughters are engaged. One is getting married in 18 days. The other is getting married next year. The third is not rushing. I opened a shop on etsy. http://www.doublemuse.etsy.com/ (you should check it out and tell your friends). In between the family, the job, the dogs and the cats I still managed to make pottery and jewelry. Did a couple of shows that went pretty well.
Now I think life has mellowed out and I have time to blog. I hope you can join me and my muses in my journey to live a creative life to the fullest.

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