Friday, May 20, 2011

Mixing ceramics and glass

I was at an arts and crafts fair several years ago and saw a potter that incorporated glass into her pottery. I absolutely loved the look and have wanted to try it every since. Went to try it a couple of times and just chickened out. All the voices in my head were like "your gonna ruin a perfectly good bowl, you don't know what you are doing, just glaze it and get on with your life" UGH!! Well I finally told the voices in my head to "shut up". So yesterday I took a perfectly lovely bowl glazed it and added glass. It is now in my kiln and whatever happens....happens. I must say I am really excited.

Sometimes you just gotta do it. Don't question, don't look at all the possibilities of what could or could not work out. Just do it. And I did. Tomorrow I will open up my kiln and see what happens. Either way I will let you know and maybe even post a picture.

Have a great day.

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